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May 27
The world out there
Is too much for me to take in
And live in

The mountains are too tall
For me to climb up
The expectations to high
For me to reach up

The seas are too deep
To find a reason for these tears
The waves powerful
Drowning me to quickly
Before I can answer the ocean call

Time goes by too fast
When I simply close my eyes
As the days just fly by
Leaving me with nothing

The air runs out too quickly
As suffocation becomes normal
And the relief of relaxing
The mind of peace
Is not shared
And definitely not felt by me

This world
Too big for someone
That amounts to as little as nothing
As me

To breathe in
To live in

To be in
Written by
Vivian  F/Behind the screen
(F/Behind the screen)   
       Jon York, Planejane2, Scot, Diya, Khoi-San and 2 others
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