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May 2019
'Well, tough kinaski ! as they say in hell-hole heaven'

'kiss my lily -white *** and whinge about it some place else"

'while you're at it, wash your eyes out with bleach'

' Things you seen must've wrecked your head'

'What's the matter, lard ***?'

'You dumber than you look?'

Steam rose in swirling menacing clouds from the kettle.

'I told you before if you mouth off like that, I ain't gonna take it'

'You back cheeking me, *******?

'No Ma, just sayin back off is all'

'Back off?'

'Back off, is it ?'

'I'll give you back off and a boot in the **** for good measure'

Anto knew he was in trouble.

His Ma lashed into him and gave him a punch in the left ear.

Reeling from the pain, he looked at the back door.




Anto grabbed a fork in desperation.

'I swear to God I'll have your eye out!

'You nasty little *******!'

'Take a fork to your own mother, would you?'

Anto lunged in terror hoping to side step his Ma.

The front door was his only escape.

Too late, his face was battered to a pulp

'For Christs Sake, Ma!'

Grabbing Anto by the scruff of the neck, she flung him out the front door.

Anto was reeling from the punches and staggered out of the house.

His belly was hanging out of him from hunger.

One day, he swore to himself, one day.

'I'll show them, I'll show them all'

His nose was gushing and his breathing was laboured.

He wanted to cry but what was the use of that.

The sun was shining. A blue sky met his eye.

'**** it! he said

'**** everything!'
Harriet Cleve
Written by
Harriet Cleve
     Wk kortas and Vanessa Gatley
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