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May 26
I want to Love you and Need you
To be the suitor that suits you
I want to believe your fate is my fate
I want us bruised at the lip, fused at the hip
I want to be the drum roll in your rock n roll heart rate

Sweeter than the wine in your summer of '69
Steeper than the high from the Park in '95
I want to place my vote in your smile of hope
I want to be the firewall written into your code

I want to savour the flavour of your laughter & tears
I want to wear you, ensnare you, be beside you down the years
I want to serve and deserve you
Be diverted and immersed in you
To be your future with no frontiers

Forget being a tick box in your list of likes
I want be the contraband in your daily life
The thing you crave when you don't know what's next
The chocolate and the caffeine, the marshmallows and the ***

Every place I've been, every perfect summer's eve
You define what my longing means
Your eyes have become the perfect tease
No day will be complete I don't try to walk a mile in your feet
Or look before you leap, or try to meet your needs

This Declaration, Here, is how I've felt all down the years
Saying it now may be unnecessary but I want it to be clear
You are to me more than a philosophy, more than a constancy
In my life you ARE - An inevitable certainty
For my Wife's Birthday
Tommy Randell
Written by
Tommy Randell  67/M/Whitby, N Yorks, UK
(67/M/Whitby, N Yorks, UK)   
     Scarlet McCall and BR Dragos
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