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May 2019
There are girls made of glass
With bones that can shatter
Be careful when you touch
For the shards may just scatter

Their eyes are glassy and broken
Their mouths are sewn shut but their wounds are open
Their skin is a suit that they hate to wear
They claw and they bite and they viciously tear

They silently scream and pull at their hair
Icicles pierce through their throats
But they don’t seem to care
The more they starve the more fragile they become
They live in the darkness of winter, and never see the sun
The light is forgotten and they ache and they and shiver
Their sore spines quake, and their lips violently quiver

They live in puddles of misery, they beg you to touch
The fingers of the sun just burn too much
The fingers of helping hands can never reach quite enough

There are girls made of glass
With bones and hearts that can break
Be careful when you get too close
For death comes closer every breath they take.
Written by
Skyla  16/F/The Stars
(16/F/The Stars)   
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