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Feb 2013
I wanted to write you something..
About how two dorks meet
And fall for each other

Then imagined how you'd read it
calling it clichè
after reading just a bit

Most of my poems for you end up that way.....

That's what I'm going to write about today.

I hate that word clichè
What does it mean anyway?
Is it bad, is it wrong?
Is it something that people frown upon?

I wouldn't dare to talk of your ocean eyes, in which I get lost


Or Those horrid stars
Who knew not of "twinkle" till they saw your eyes

Heavens no...

I would never write about your dimple, your voice... I mean like that's even a choice


I should write of things less clichè

Like pirates... With manatees ...On a spaceship.. Keeping' it simple

Do you despise clichè?
Seriously.. Tell me if you feel that way....
I can most certainly write about
Much more you see

From your pyromania
To love of the big city
From the middle name of Claire
... And let's not forget the hair

And while i still understand not of this clichè

All I have left to say-
My muse,
My my friend
Ms Massooon
Happy birthday-
And I love you <3
Happy birthday Ali, I love you.
Sahil Suri
Written by
Sahil Suri
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