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May 25
She stands on
the tippy top of
a grand canyon
miles above
looking down
to a ground
where I plant
my heart
hoping to dance
and be a part
of the worldโ€™s art.

Her poetry floats
across the gaps
like an echo,
and I gasp
as I grasp
the meaning
of her repeating

She leaves me
grieving gently
longing for
a connection,
not a lustful *******
sprinkled with
the touching
kind of affection,
but communication
and shared appreciation
of each otherโ€™s
poetic creations.

She does not see me,
from lifeโ€™s beating
whilst beseeching,
then dying alone.
Written by
Graff1980  39/M/Litchfield Illinois
(39/M/Litchfield Illinois)   
       Selcรฆiรถs, Santita and Graff1980
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