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May 25
I'm afraid, you're stranded out at sea
With the coldest parts you only seemed to know
A feeling that came following my name
With the darkest parts I only ever showed

I'm afraid you're asking for goodbye
I don't blame you, no one really likes the cold
But I admit it, you were something of a warmth to me
Safe at midnight when the thoughts tore at my soul

I'm afraid because I see it in your eyes
They don't shine for me the way they did before
A sunken sadness but who else is there to blame
I decimated all the love placed in my corner

I'm afraid because I sense it's not the same
I'm afraid because it happens quietly  
I'm afraid because you've finally drawn the line
I'm afraid the day has come where you've left me
Ruth Cardenas
Written by
Ruth Cardenas
     Fawn, BR Dragos and ThatBrokenOne
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