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Feb 2013
there is a long pink road

lime trees walk its path in judgement

twists of dazzling colors

zigzag through

unclaimed silences

coaxing a belief in magic

dismantling and reassembling minds

i remove one eyelid then the other

there is an immediate

diaphanous color of red

a flimsy dimness

that shows an escape route out of time

displaying the fragmented mosaic

of my disordered mind

scarlet watches me

searching my face

trying to seek out

a geography yet to be discovered

i feel an overexposed rhythm

of alpha spirals

they collide with the colors

among the lime trees

a coca-cola bottle

smashes somewhere

I hear the secret song

played in the time of the assassins
Edgar Whitman Wilde
Written by
Edgar Whitman Wilde
   bex and victoria
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