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May 2019
You took away my God given right as a woman of words

I dedicate my soul to filling the empty spaces of a page with the thoughts I am too ashamed to admit aloud

I lay awake when the sun begins to rise
I sing them to my guitar
My gentle voice can soften the cruel words I whisper to myself

I took your laugh and turned it into a symphony when I pressed my pen to the paper

When you pressed your hand against my thigh

When you entered me and I felt you instantly disappear

"The sad little, sensitive, unappreciative, Pisces, Jesus man"

You stole hours of sleep from underneath my pillow when I lay awake
repeating conversations over and over in my mind
what I could have done to dismiss you so terribly

You ruined the moon when you kissed me underneath it and told me it was ours

Now the night sky doesn't shine like it used to. The moon doesn't sing to me as I fall asleep anymore

She reminds me that she's beginning to disappear
and I am still awake thinking about you

You took away my God given right as a woman of words

I exist to write about how I feel

Now I feel nothing at all
Written by
pisces  Copenhagen
     Crazy Diamond Kristy
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