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Feb 2013
Wandering paths, merely brush pushed aside by eager hands
feet pressing firm on uncharted land
the vantage points of a cliff undiscovered
rustles the passion in me, that I had longed to recover
lost along the way, between the miles traveled and moments marked in my past
I cover the tracks
for home is where I am at the moment
I reach to the sunrise arms spread wide trying to hold it
close to my chest to scare off the winter air rushing over my skin
one foot after the other and I begin
a skyline of ridges and peaks
seem to swallow me
in their lush valleys, rich with soil and trees racing to the heavens stopping just shy
I sit on the ledge of a rock jutting over the valley, this paradise is mine
wandering the world, the way it was meant to be
wandering forever the home always meant for me...
Sean C Johnson
Written by
Sean C Johnson  AK
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