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May 23
Don't give me that sad smile
The one full of pity
For me, smiles have been always just lies,
Masks that I wore to get me through the day

Don't waste your tears on me
The dams in my eyes holding mine are enough for me
And now they're just flooding worse
All thanks to you

Don't say that you're sorry
When it won't fix anything
When it's my fault
When it's useless to feel sorry
When I don't need sorry

Don't just look away
From me
But don't look at me either
Look ahead
Where better times are coming for you
Not for me in case anyone wonders

Don't ask me if I'm okay
Look at my eyes
Swollen from crying
Look at my hands
Already shaking
Do I look like I'm bleeping okay?

Don't say that you understand
You don't
And there's nothing else to that

Don't hold out your hand to me
To take me home
I don't have one anymore,
And why bother holding onto someone,
Being strong,
When you'll let go?

Don't try to make me feel less alone,
Or lonely
I don't want to depend on someone
They always leave me
Life just doesn't work that way

Just don't

Because every time I do,
it always ends up this way
Written by
Vivian  F/Behind the screen
(F/Behind the screen)   
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