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May 22
I hang out with friends
But I get an empty feeling
When the fun times end
After hitting the ceiling
Silence makes me descend
Until my brain starts peeling
From the heavy rain that's wielding
The emotions my friends were shielding

Life seems pretty hollow
After the friends I follow
Leave me in misery to wallow
With pills that are hard to swallow

There's a fly placed in the ointment
Prescribed to cure my disappointment
That became problem avoidance
Bringing agony's annoyance

Why did I feel so empty
Once they finally left me
In a depression hefty
Blocking the best me
With desperation testing
My desire to start texting
Looking for the next thing
Instead of resting
I keep wrestling
In my nest of stings

Once I go home
To my snow cone
Of a low tone
To throw stones
At ghost phones
I feel most unknown

I need purpose
I need direction
But all my searches
Are to satisfy my *******
For a loneliness deflection
That won't cure my infection
Of aimless dejection

Should I end my life in solitude?
Or would that be viewed
As way too rude?
I tried to summon a druid
To escape these ruins
But you became a bruin
Speaking anguish fluent

Save me from thinking
To save me from sinking
The alcohol I'm drinking
Is to avoid the stinking
Of us not linking

Without you
I lose
Then I use
To disprove
The sense of doom
That only grew
Once you withdrew
Written by
Andrew  27/M/Kentucky
     BR Dragos and Fawn
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