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May 20
Don't you dare say you understand,
or that you know me,
until you've fully seen me,
under my skin
without the mask of my face,

You've never heard the thoughts in my mind,
tangled and confused,
explored my brain,
endless jungles,
tall trees,
with branches of wonders,
leaves of words,

You've never taken that ride,
the roller coaster of my emotions,
feelings curving here and there,
into my heart,
a never-ending adventure
too fast for you to react,
as I guess that's how my heart gets broken,
over and over

You've never taken a walkthrough
the prison of my mind,
my personality trapped in the dark void,
where no light shines through,
for a possible escape,
You don't the loneliness of it,
to be alone,

So don't say you know me,
until you know what's under my skin,
because there's still a deep ocean of secrets,
murky waters,
full of things,
that will forever remain in the bottom,
sinking with despair,
Written by
Vivian  F/Behind the screen
(F/Behind the screen)   
   Jules and M-E
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