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May 19
How many tears must be cried,
for the oceans to flood the land?

How many days must we endure,
until tomorrow is better again?

How many lies have to be said,
in order for the truth to be heard?

How many hearts must be broken,
until someone tries to put them back together?

How many dreams do we wake up to,
for reality to finally hit us?

How many fears do we have to have,
to just have the courage to face them?

How many times must doubt cloud us,
in order for hope to be created?

How much pain does one have to face,
for them to be cared for?

How many things about us must be changed
to be accepted, loved?

How many words are in one's mind,
to be important enough to be written on paper?

How many questions must be asked,
until someone gives an answer?

How many guesses do I have to make,
until I find something that satisfies my brain?

A hundred?

Or is the answer just too much,
to be held in words or numbers?
Written by
Vivian  F/Behind the screen
(F/Behind the screen)   
     Mark S, BR Dragos and Peter Gareth
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