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May 18
There are days when the ocean's waves,
will rise higher than the sun,
as the deep waters cover the sky's lights,
and slowly drown me to the bottom,
when I cannot swim or breathe,
But can tell myself, with all the voice I can speak,
I can make it

There will be weeks
with sleepless nights,
eternal darkness,
loud silence except for my smothered sobs
as tears damp my pillow,
as I try to cover myself with blankets,
to hide my vulnerability,
when I cannot stop the endless emotions destroying me,
but in which I can tell myself in the slightest whisper,
only heard by my knowledge it was spoken,
I can make it

There will be months
that seem unmoving
as nothing will ever change,
the lyrics of the nameless song I repeat in my head,
always singing the same
of the things that are broken,
of me who cannot be fixed,
the chorus repeating over and over,
killing me bit by bit,
when everything just stays the same,
but in which I can sing words of my own,
harmonies of the familiar phrase,
I can make it

There will be years,
that seem to be woven of delicate threads,
barely holding themselves together,
knots slowly coming apart,
made for the barely alive,
the dead,
when everything unravels, untied,
but in which knots and connected strings will remain,
showing the viewer,
I can make it

There will be times,
that cannot be counted by the word infinity,
life will simply be hard,
where you will just have to survive,
even when it seems like your world is shattering,
into millions of glass shards,
but even if it happens,
they will reflect back to you,
as memories will still get you far,
reminding you
I can make it

Yet I still say to myself that one word,

Written by
Vivian  F/Behind the screen
(F/Behind the screen)   
     Jon York, rgz and Suzy Berlinsky
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