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May 2019
How was it only a month ago
When we decided to let our feelings show
It feels like I’ve loved you forever
Let you go, I will never

This past month, for me, has taught
That true love doesn’t need to be sought
What I feel for you is so genuine
It didn’t take long to let you in

You have my heart
We’re far apart
But distance is nothing
Because we know we have something

This something that we feel
Is so far past real
This past month has shown me
That you and I are much better as “we”

Thank you, my love, for being there
Thank you for proving you care
Thank you for being my light
Thank you for helping me sleep at night

Honestly, I could go on for days
About why I love you, no haze
You complete me, my missing puzzle piece
I’m no longer weak, you’ve slain my beast

Forever, I am yours
As long as you want me, I’m yours
You love who I am, so I’m yours
There’s nobody else for me, I’m yours

I’m so comfortable with you
The love I have for you is true
You’d always ask me why I cried
My trust in you is unwavering, you’ve never lied

You’re all I see
We’re meant to be
You’re all I dream
My shining beam

I love your smile
I think I’ll stay awhile
I love your laugh
You’re like my other half

With your ocean eyes
You wear no disguise
And neither do I
You lift me so high

Six days wasn’t enough
About this, I cannot bluff
It’s been a month, one that I cherish
And for many months to come, my love won’t perish
I wrote this for my one-month anniversary with my boyfriend :) <3
Written by
Grace  16/F
   Bogdan Dragos
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