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May 2019
I will not silence my voice when I know the Truth reigns;
Why should I hold back God's message when man could be saved?
Though all the world abates me,
Though sin and death suffocates me,
My voice shall shine like a sun in the rain.

I will not dampen my joy as God lives in my heart;
How can the Fire in me ever be taken apart?
While grievous trials test me,
While dreadful woes may contest me,
My joy shall burn as a diamond for art.

I will not darken my mind and forget what God said;
Who could be able to live without God's Word in head?
Lest fleshly lusts distract me,
Lest satan's traps counteract me,
My mind shall feast on my Savior's sweet bread.

I will rejoice in Christ Jesus, my Light and my Rock;
He fills my heart and my mind, and my voice He unlocks.
I lift my praises to Him;
I live my life ever through Him.
Let us rejoice evermore as we walk:

Jesus my Savior and Jesus my Brother and Friend,
Jesus my Lord and my glorious King beyond end,
You are the Lamp to my feet;
You are the Light to my path,
Jesus the Son of my Father in heav'n!
Boris Sitnikoff
Written by
Boris Sitnikoff  23/M/USA
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