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May 16
The doors open,
And I step in,
Careful not to look down the small ledge,
As I am known for disliking the thought of falling.

I stand,
And listen,
To the occasional whispers, talking,
And the loud silence, demanding

I stumble as we take off, bumping to the person nearby,
I mutter a sorry, hoping to get out of the awkward tension,
Caught between me and this person,
Shifting away

I watch the doors open and close,
After each announcement of the next stop to come,
And watch the people go in and out,
From the bustling city world, loud,
Into the silent underground

As more and more go off,
Onto the noisy streets, full of people,
I sit down on an orange seat,
And try to make as much comfort to myself as I can,

I stare off into the window, tilting my head in ease,
I watch the underground world go dark,
Listening to the loud rumble,
and the distant, out of touch, talking

I wait silently,
as the world goes into the dark once more,
Only visible from the small lights,
For the doors to open,

I stand, then walk out,
Away from the noise, fading away,
As I go up the stairs, outside,

to home
Written by
Vivian  F/Behind the screen
(F/Behind the screen)   
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