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May 2019
The world is full
Of unwilling
Experimental human beings,
Devotees to the
Slavery of school,
Consuming all assortments
Of meaningless gibberish
In the most confusing of ways,
Wasting energy
To waste energy,
To end up in a
Low paying job
With too many bills
And useless knowledge,
Those fortunate souls
Work hard,
Some go to college
Where they get an expensive piece of paper
That may be on the wall for show
And means that its owner
May be smarter than the average person
Walking down the street,
School doesn't prepare for the future
It only tells of the past,
Creativity and eccentric ways
Are mildly shunned ,
Information is taught for 13 years
And yet few is retained by most,
So are schools systems failing?
It's safe to say they are.

It needs to change.
This is true...
Written by
Maude Laurent  18/F/Michigan
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