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May 16
I’m pretty sure you’re well aware
of how much you’re hurting me
but i’m also sure that you don’t care
cause you’re not around to see
the damage that your silence has done
cannot be washed away
i’ve cried an ocean of tears over you
and you still have nothing to say
the days drag on and the nights are rough
as you happily go on with your life
I used to think that I was so tough
until I felt you twisting the knife
you must have stabbed me a million times
and yet I always came back for more
I guess I thought, that someday you might care
until you turned on me and slammed the door
now I see that you’re not coming back
and it’s slowly driving me insane
I wish I never met you now
I wish I never even knew your name.
Robin Wright
Written by
Robin Wright  42/F/Houston
   BR Dragos
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