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May 16
The first glance from your striking blue eyes
Made me weak in the knees
And your shy smile made my
Cheeks two pink roses.
~You walked in and my heart went BOOM!~

The noises of the coffee shop fade into
The background when you speak, because
Your voice flows like honey in my ear,
Telling me all of the things I want to hear.
~I’m helpless!~

A soft goodnight and your lips on my cheek,
Your coconut scent that I never wish would leave,
Your hands in mine, as they look on with
Jealous eyes.
~I just might regret that night for the rest of my days~

Sunlight swirling in pillars around you as you
Spin on the shore, your laughter scaring the
Seagulls away but bringing me closer to you,
As we walk away from the group but closer to each other.
~We could be enough~

I will never forget the first time I saw your
Hand in hers, and I prayed to God,
β€œJust take me now”,
Because I felt like I could be nothing without you.
~This is not a game~

I know I will walk these same
streets in later years and remember
your arm laced with mine and
Push away the thought of you with her.
~It's quiet uptown…~

Your arms around her squeeze
My heart like a boa constrictor;
But unlike the snake, you aren't
Even aware of the hurt you are causing.
~I will never be satisfied~
I had the privilege of seeing the musical Hamilton this last weekend, and the lyrics inspired me to write this narrative.  The Hamilton lyrics are between the squiggly lines :) Let me know what you think!
Written by
Lily  16/F/MI
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