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May 15
I can't write,
my words have no rhythm
when I try to tie them together to form stanzas,
they get tangled, unable to be unraveled,

I can't write,
when an idea blooms in my head,
it quickly gets stepped on,

I can't write,
when what I have to say,
is written on the paper,
it changes the meaning,

I can't write,
My thoughts are too complex,
to be held in a simple metaphor,
they bang on the sides of the letters,
demanding to be let out

I can't write,
when I try,
my emotions flood me,
staining my pencil with tears,

I can't write,
my words don't strike people the way I want,
don't get seen or read,
as I see it,

I can't write,
I try to shape my words to look like other creations,
but they stay the same, still and unwavering,

I can't write,
I want my words to fly,
to soar and to rise up to the wonders out there,
but they instead, stay with me, inside my head

I can't write,
the words stumble, imperfect,
But my words come from me as they are me,
and I can't be perfect

I can't write,
no matter how much I try,
I can't write,

But writing is the only way I can let things out. It's the only way my thoughts are actually heard, seen. It's my way of crying or smiling.

It's the only time I don't lie

So I write
Written by
Vivian  F/Behind the screen
(F/Behind the screen)   
       Karijinbba, M-E and BR Dragos
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