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Light sand by the sea.
Like a white and soft duvet.
The air waves streming like a river.
And bring the callmness spurts.
Quite silence of the sea.
This energy so strong.
Bring everything alive around me.
They promise confidence for now.
They give much pleasure and joy.
They laughing and smiling.
I'm glad for being here in this moment.
And listen nature sound.
Beautiful birdsong around me.
Just here I understand that I'm aive.
And knowing that instilled belief inside.
Belief for better future and tommorow.
Belief for better life.
Bright rays settlemented in heart forever.
I like this silence of unspoken sound.
Where every rustle like a melody for mind.
Where every shadow like a light  for eyes.
Deep breath of trees feels like a comfort.
My soul is free now, my mind is clear and open.
Richness which a God showed us.
Knowing you always near me, even if I am alone now.
Your love melting in my heart.
Often and often I see you when I close my eyes.
My love so soft to you.
My love forever and now and tommorow.
My love for you like a constanta.
My love for you invariable, permanent and true.
I leave this place and going in dream word, where we can be always together.
Where we can be even  physically and also our souls.
Good night my sweet dream.
You know I'm happy forever because of you.
Katja Pullinen
Written by
Katja Pullinen  31/F
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