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she met me up in brooklyn heights
and cried on my shoulder
saying life is hard
the leafs came blowing over my head

and she sat with that gleam in her eyes
of remorse and regret
and said she couldn’t go
because she didn’t know exactly 
what to expect
she left that night with tears in her eyes

leaving me a note:
“i’m sorry i’m not coming home,
i have to disappear
just don’t forget about me
as you start the new year”

she took my grounds
and turned them into mountains
she took my quiet collusion
and turned it to confusion
of which mostly I know

well now it’s been years
since I left new york
and I sit by the shore
under the california sun
and think about those years
and how easy she made it seem
to just disappear
m h  John
Written by
m h John  18/M/California
     BR Dragos and Fawn
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