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May 13
My dear For eon'sΒ Β 
I searched for closure ,
Closure onΒ Β what blended us together ,
Closure on what melded us forever,
Closure on what made us care for each other up until this very moment,
But dear after so much time I had to realize the very truth,
Our closure , it was never out in the world keeping us far from each other.
It was here right here
infront of us the whole time.

It lied in us being closer in this moment than the last,
drawing each other's breath
Till the air will no longer be a concern,
Till our hearts consume each other's soul,
Till I become yours and you ,while you become mine and me that's exactly where our Closure lies.
Closure is necessary but for us closure never existed. For What's sinned shall always be redeemed and for what's lost could always be found,I will never have closure on acceptance of the thought that I lost you even if it consumes what's left of me. I suffer by my choice of choosing you against the whole world for my choice will remain the same no matter what.
Written by
Raga  19/M/India
     Fawn, Asmitha Satesh and Bhawna
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