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May 2019
you are like a star
you're everywhere.
i can't stop seeing

you are like a star
you belong with everyone else
but you're
nothing like them.

you are like a star
you shine the brightest
and i don't see anyone else.
in my eyes anymore

in ways, you are like a star
you were always high above me
and knowing i could never reach,
i tried anyways.

maybe i am like a star
i am unneeded
the only outcome for people like me
is to burn out.

i am like a star.
tiny, insignificant and dim
there will always be someone

i am like a star
i mean nothing to you
my only wish was to love you
like everyone else.

in ways, i am like a star
and greed overcame me
as i tried to be good enough.

you were never like a star.
you were never like the rest.
in every way
you were the galaxy.

i am like a star
and when i'm gone
you will be okay
and you will still be here.
haha another free verse
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