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May 2019
My sister, my mother, my queen…. You have been lied to. We do care and we do love you. With the weight of the world on our shoulders, we all, well at least most wants to be husbands and fathers. It hurts to watch you struggle or juggle your family, career, and be your own leader.

Society has placed a false reality in front of your eyes. While their real plan they kept in disguise. No other woman carries the load of a single black mother and is the reason she is tired, stressed out, and needed more than the others.

So many has been let down and tricked to the point it makes you sick. Black Men will let you drown is the hope given. All the while she struggles. Allow us to take the helm and the burden of leading. Let the broad shoulders of man give you a feeling of security and hope.

Women was not created to be equal to men. Thus why she is beautiful, soft, caring, and posses the most love of all mankind. Yes you can do all and be all, but you are to special to climb these hills and walls. In which you should be carried over all. Knowing that a family starts with a man and a woman and trust between the two. But with the pain you have been subjected to I know that is something hard to do.

So ladies I say keep your head to the sky and a smile on your face, while we try to put strong family unity intact just know that we are here for you and we have your front and your back….

C. E. Cheatham
Kliff Thee Poet
Written by
Kliff Thee Poet  43/M/Phoenix Arizona
(43/M/Phoenix Arizona)   
   L B
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