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May 2019
We have been shot, we have been locked down, they show us daily they do not want us around. They use every law against us, their favorite one now, is this stand your ground, but yet we stay down.

We own the buying power, we set the trends, yet we still stand complacent as if they are our friends. Amazingly they have you refereeing to yourself as a African-American, just to make you a secondary citizen. Not because you are worthless, but because of your fearlessness exposes their inner fear.

News always showing black males slaughtered in the streets, paid vacations no charges filed guilty portrayed to be innocent. But we stay. We have enough players in prime positions to make the changes. If we show love to a stranger that looks like you, we will find uniting is really easy to do.

Black is strong, black is beautiful, and oh so powerful. Time to make our presence felt, time to pull up our pants and tighten our belts. Stand tall and refuse to be told who you are, go fast and slow never let them dim your glow.

We are warriors, sons, fathers, and teachers with aspirations of being leaders.
So kings, it is now time for you to claim your kingdom.

C. E. Cheatham
Kliff Thee Poet
Written by
Kliff Thee Poet  43/M/Phoenix Arizona
(43/M/Phoenix Arizona)   
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