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May 2019
Mother; I love you. I cannot say it enough but it is true. You were the first voice I heard, also was the one who taught me my first words.
For nine months it was me and you, with your care and God’s will your pregnancy with me made it through.
From the start your name was mom, and you was the first woman I loved.
As my teacher, you taught me how to be a leader; as my friend you taught me to loyal to the end.
As I grew there were lessons to be learned, when I broke rules my britches you didn’t hesitate to burn.
Mother; I love you!
I may have not show you the love I have, I didn’t understand I was on a rough path.
The arguments and my constant rebellion, I chased what I thought was success but, you saw me failing.
On a road of destruction, raising a teenage boy couldn’t of been an easy lesson.
When I decided the streets was my way, your love for me never strayed.
And when those prison doors shut, it was a quick reminder of you whooping my ****.
Mother; I love you!
With your sickness, it made me grow and mature with the quickness.
I had to become a father, so you could become a grandmother.
I became a husband so you could be a mother-in-law, all of these I made sure you saw.
As your time on earth was getting short, I knew I was going to lose my mother’s love and support.
Now that you are gone, I understand the man you left was strong.
No mom you raised no fool, and for that I will always love you.
Mother; I love you….
By, C. E. Cheatham
Kliff Thee Poet
Written by
Kliff Thee Poet  43/M/Phoenix Arizona
(43/M/Phoenix Arizona)   
   Bogdan Dragos
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