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Feb 2013
The King stood tall

                                 mountain top
                         .....                           .....
                    ....                                   ­   ....
upon his....                                                 .....

                     ­                    many
And stood in awe of his many many beautiful things              

He s                     l           o      w  l  y   waltzed across his marble bri-----dge

                                                  ­                     l
                                                       f                         a
                                               n                                       t
(Subconciously) Seeking to i                                            e  his mind
                                               n                                       t
                                                       f                        a
                                      ­                                l        

                                                                ­       i                           s
Vivacious v                          and roaring r            v            r            
                    a  l ­           y  s                                            e     ­       
                            l   e

                                              .  high
       ­                                       .
                        ­                      .
Puffed his chest up well and.

His       al-     zi-     g.-  continued slow in pace
         w        t      n  

Until he  dnuora denrut  and beheld his castle

Stepping  b...a. . . . c  .  .  .  .  .  k  for a better look

Acc e  l  l   e       r         a             t               i              n                 g towards the led
                                                             ­                                                                 ­  g
                                                             ­                                                                 ­ e


And just before The King could see such greatness

He  stepped and had his f

Hadda touch of inspiration. Always enjoyed making words more physical.
Logan M Glover
Written by
Logan M Glover  Somewhere
       chris, Jemimah, Jo, ---, Marian and 10 others
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