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May 2019
I. tsunamis trapped within his blue eyes, rough waves crashing against the border causing havoc in his mind. bad parenting, stressful nights. welcoming arms that feel like home, loving and tender, lips smooth like honey. spoon-feeding soft words under fluorescent lighting, warm smiles spread and all is okay.
II. loving but with wounding words like throwing knives, tossed at ones she loved. sweet smile that makes you feel safe, passionate and happy soul. destined for greatness, with no doubt. rough arguments, though always withheld those open arms for you in the end. sipping at the freshly brewed coffee before her, once accompanied by conversations deep as the ocean, she continues onto her own, better life.
III. fragile and sweet, loving but only when she wants. a lightbulb, returning and disappearing when needed. warm hugs as her tears embed my shoulders. long summer nights and giggles, some days i wonder if she thinks of me anymore. she leaves me, along with all of our memories to reminisce on days that i wonder what went wrong, she falls into a drunken daze. she breaks me, she broke me. i miss her i miss her i miss her
IV. soft hands that once withheld mine, dandelions plucked for each other in the afternoon sunshine. too many giggles, midnight snacks and summertime. in one blink he disappears. the scent of marijuana and cigarettes, his former self drifts away with the smoke from his ****. he used to hold together the pieces of me in his welcoming arms when i break.
this is just a thank you to the main people i love, or have loved, or have impacted me drastically. thank you for everything.
Written by
       jude rigor, alexya, elaine, --- and Bogdan Dragos
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