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May 2019
How I look at you,
Pulsing with desire,
Is an open secret.

Our hearts are weak,
But love would raise them stronger.
Let me sleep through the night,
With the sweet melodies of your laughter.
I’ll make it through the night,
Coz I’ll be seeing you in morrow.

Hear our hearts pounding to the sound of love.
They merge to create toxicant love with its own potion.
Only you and I drink,
From the pleasures of love.

Give me your folded hand,
Let me guide you through the forest of the lost,
The lost in love.

Into the valley where we stand,
I hold your folded hand.
Let’s jump together,
To conquer our fear of the lost,
The lost in love.

Just a simple touch on your waist,
And a naked kiss,
The feeling forces you to scream my name.

Allow my hand to creep down your comely stomach,
To the Land of heat,
Where no man can escape.

No one comes out without the ****** healing,
Chained, are we,
To the cure-all.

Beauty is a curse,
Love be a spell.
Author(s): Darryl_M & Sphephelo Buthelezi
Completed: 18th July 2018 [20:05 PM]
Darryl M
Written by
Darryl M
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