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May 8
You’re like the clouds on a hot night.
Beautiful even in the mist of my misery.
Everly grabbing my attention away from the stars.

Like a cat, you’re feisty.
But that’s what you don’t reveal.
You have hidden claws,
You can be wild.
But cute, pretty and obviously stunning
Is what you hold with the covers.
Not as a pretence,
Just an inbuilt perfection.

Usually they say; I’ve got it bad.
But is it bad when I feel good with you?
Is it bad, when I feel good about you?
Don’t answer with words,
Let our Hearts Justify.
Having you is better than thinking about it.

Would you please stop jogging in my mind?
You’re confusing my thoughts.
It’s like watching a Movie Marathon.
I’m binging on you.
It’s like singing a Love song.
I’m always in-tune when it comes to you.
Darryl M
Written by
Darryl M
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