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May 2019
You’re the one that gets it.
Whatsoever it is.
I used to believe that commitment was for losers.
I guess I lost after all.

Even when distracted.
My thoughts still run towards you.
Whenever I see you, I’m all goosebumps.
And my heart sprints with joy.
My tears shower with love.

Whenever you leave,
I’m left counting seconds.
It’s like I can hear the sound of the jiffy.

You ripped my heart out.
Dipped it in your love and never gave it back.
I want it back, but with you along.
I hate it when I bring you close,
because watching you leave is like losing a part of me.
I guess I’m stuck on you.

I don’t worship you.
You don’t worship me.
But I do give praise to our love.
Oh hail what we got.

You got me stuck in dote.
This is my, I LOVE You note.
Just in case I don’t tell you enough.

This is my Good Night for Today.
My Good Morning for Tomorrow.
And My Good Day, for days to come.

One more time,
Sia - Bird Set Free
Darryl M
Written by
Darryl M
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