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May 2019
they say it takes time
the wounds will heal
be patient,
kurt vile says:
give it some time
yet my imagination is not wild
it's matter of fact
black and white
like the words against the paper
reporting your passing.

june marks the transition from spring to summer,
longer days, fuller trees
yet it also marks the start of a decline
watery eyes, heavy limbs
a sense of loss incomparable to bereavement -
i carry one on my back every day
i miss you
the other is stored in my back pocket
loss of self, hope
waiting for its scheduled visit

i miss you today and i'll miss you tomorrow
the same way i have missed you for over half of my life
but i'll especially miss you when i get my BA certificate
the same way i longed for you during all of my other milestones

the bad feeling remains in my pocket
for now
but your last gift hangs around my neck
and ink dedicated to you will stay on my skin
until i see you again
Written by
shaun  22/F
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