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Feb 2013
You smile at the White lady with kindness
You look at the White walls littered with get-well-soon posters
You dress down in White scrubs that let you feel the cold air
And everything here is just so ******* White

You feel yourself pad against the Cold floor
And the Cold air stinging against your chest
You lay in your Cold bed for some rest
Because everyones heart here is just so ******* Cold

You smile at the Insane girl with voices in her head
You nod at the Insane boy with scars on his arms
You chuckle at the Insane girl with her fists clenched
Because everyone here is just so ******* Insane

You Smile at the patients
You Smile at the staff
You Smile at the movies
And everyone agrees that you are just so ******* Happy

You give them a Childish number from 1-10
You give them 3 Childish feeling words to match
You listen to their adult voice drone out Childish coping methods
Because your problems are so ******* Childish

You can only change yourself they say
Have you tried to work it out they say
There are people much worse of than you they say
*And you believe them because they tell you to
4AM poem thinking about my time in the mental hospital for depression/suicide
Dustin Wills
Written by
Dustin Wills
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