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May 7
Walking is a horizontal climb
Like how we walk through time
While we walk in line
Chasing dimes
With **** crimes
Dazed and primed
To stray to lies
And decay in grime
As we walk to die

Jesus walked with a cross
Like I walk through the frost
Amongst the lost
In this world I was tossed

To not sit in a station
I walk to my destination
In silent contemplation
Through a contempt nation

I walk a tightrope
Over the word nope
That sits next to hope
On a precarious *****

I walk through salt flats
Where I can’t halt gnats
Who always talk back
I’m caught in the attack
Of a million microscopic bats

I pull myself forward with my feet
Then I put that motion on repeat
To stay on a progression streak
Avoiding motionless defeat

I raise my knee
I raise my chin
I pray I see
A way to win
But things get grim
When I’m asked to swim
In a bath of sin
Whose grasp will dim
The path I’m in

My feet experience ups and downs
To move me around
They can be loud
If I’m in a crowd
But they don’t make a sound
While I drown

I walk away
From the fray
To get through the day
But I’m left with nothing to say
Because my dues aren’t paid

I walk away from fights
I walk away from light
I walk into the night
And its trite delights
That block my sight
Of potential heights

My feet feel weary
From footsteps I’m hearing
Of death that’s nearing
I’m so busy fearing
I slow down my steering

Is this grief worth
The way my feet hurt?
Maybe I should leave Earth
And be one with the dirt
That I nonchalantly walked over
Stepping on four-leaf clovers
Like a trampling ogre
Wrestling with odor
That pushes me lower
Until I walk even slower
Written by
Andrew  27/M/Kentucky
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