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May 2019
The 300-year-old thorn in humanity's soul
as it bears the screams of orphanized children
and parents brought to mourning.

The tortured spirits of ages past
are brought to beckon yet again
for what it has basically forgotten.

The thorn says, "I am wisdom,"
Yet pleads, "hear not those foolish cries,"
"Take my wine and stay merry;
have happiness in your righteous self."

The beat of the cave drum drowns out the view of light
The **** begins their drunken stumble in the darkness
Nero meets Merkel meets de Sade meets Podesta meets Tarquin meets Obama etc. etc. etc.

The great cursing has merely begun;
an existential inversion,
where truth is a crime
and rebellion a virtue.

Children in chains are glamorously paraded out
awaiting either their death,
or something worse.
Twisted screams of glee echo through,
so the children's shrieks go seemingly unheard.

To the thorn, they are mere pieces of cheese pizza
to be thrown in a boiling ***,
***** on a skewer,
slit like kosher cattle
and baked alive.

Chaos spins like a wheel of misfortune,
a vortex of effortful error,
blind of all distinctions,
Replete with empty vanity.
This is the fruit of what they call, "tolerance & diversity"

In the name of reason, they discard reason.
In the name of logics, they reject Logos.
In the name of freedom, they are enslaved.
In the name of comfort, they are suffocated.
In the name of sustainability, they deprive sustenance.
In the name of God, they blaspheme Him.
As long as they are blind, deaf and numb,
whatever their name is, they are not.

Jesus Christ,
come and see
and stamp on Your winepress.
You are the vine
who rips out all thorns
and throws them in fire and sulfur
when the head of evil is ripe for the crushing,
and the body of evil is ripe for the burning,
and the souls of the faithful are ripe for the reaping,
and the heaven and earth is ripe for the passing,
and the new heaven and earth is ripe for the coming.

Jesus Christ,
set free Your little children
and give them power to overcome all enemies,
and endure all hardships with Your peace in their hearts.
Transform them by renewing their minds
and filling them with Your Holy Spirit.
With you, they are eternally invincible, immovable and fearless.

Jesus Christ,
you are the inescapable light
that rips all eyes open
and brings iniquity to a final close.
Nothing has, or ever will separate You from me,
or any other of Your little children.
May Your Spirit ever be dwelling within Your people,
and may we serve as the bane of your enemies always
until the very moment they are vanquished by You.

Boris Sitnikoff
Written by
Boris Sitnikoff  23/M/USA
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