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May 2019
newly bloomed, fully flowering, a woman on the cusp
you were so young, it was so wrong, we went too far
mutual attraction, subtle seduction, looking deep into each other’s eyes
wanton smiles, coy glances, stolen touches, on each other’s arms
who seduced whom, whose fault was it, I burned for you
i couldn’t help it, i was mesmerized
by the whispers of your crystalline blue eyes
claim me, take me, hold me in your arms and kiss me
your pouty lips, blood red, glistening, deliciously wet
i was a fool, i knew the dangers, but i surrendered
i lost my senses, to youth so intoxicating, a femininity so alluring
i was drawn to the flame, like a moth, on a cold, dark night
or was i captured, like a butterfly, in the spider’s intricately woven web
free will, or skillfully manipulated, how could i resist, a siren’s call
first love, first time
ghost queen
Written by
ghost queen
     Fawn and Harper
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