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May 2019
I know we met a short time ago but feeling this just hurts.
It hurts to think about you.
You share the same birthday as him and he hurt me so badly.
I know you could never be the same as that ***** but... What if?
What if you manipulate? What if you don’t love me back? What if you just use me?
I can’t handle the thought of being so lonely anymore.
I just can’t.
I know it is horrible to put so much pressure but I think you are different. You don’t even know.
I see the pain behind your eyes.
The trouble.
The sarcasm you put on as a façade to hide your suffering.
I wish I could help, I don’t think people understand like I may.
The worst part. You have no idea of my inner turmoil. And you may never. Because in the end
All I am
Is a ******* coward.
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