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May 4
Words dancing on the paper.
Before it was just empthy words.
You are inhale the air inside it and pieces of your souls.
And words get dancing on the paper.
With own meaning and own tone.
Oh beautiful words, Oh beautiful words.
Some words is sad, someone's is mad, soomeone's is gold.
From some we learn, from some we cry, from some we laugh.
Oh beautiful words, Oh beautiful words.
Just our emoutions on the paper.
Just our emoutions we share in the world.
Dedicated to all poets. Thank you for being very creative people and inventing your stories. Thank you for your stories, poems, notes. For everyone, for a beginner and not only. Thank you for your inspiration and support. ❤️❤️❤️
Katja Pullinen
Written by
Katja Pullinen  31/F
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