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Feb 2013
What wish?
Do you wish for?
If I had the power.
I would granted it.
If it's within reasons.

For, whatever hurt you've been through.
I'll cure it with the wishes I give unto you.
There'll be only three.
And nothing more.

The first I will get to decide.
And it would be life's blessing.
Where I hope you find your dreams?

Knowing me.
I would decide the second one too.

It will be love.
After noticing all the harm given unto you.
When you unwillingly was used as a tool.
By guys you thought cared about you.

I , might as well decide the last one too.
It would be trust.

Just because a few mistakes derailed your heart.
I would advise you with truth to never give up.
But to be more careful.

Three wishes of dreams.
Three wishes of hope.
Three wishes of support.
Which means you must carry on toward your goal.
jeffrey conyers
Written by
jeffrey conyers  united states
(united states)   
   ---, sugar plumb and Timothy
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