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May 2019
Coming back home,
only to see you standing in the middle,
You were so graceful,
I nearly thought you were incognito.
You felt like a dream,
almost too good to be true,
The temperature turned so hot,
I felt like a fondue.
A ray of sunshine traced your skin,
and you became my deadly sin.
I heard the sound of violin,
as I watched you do a spin.
I hold you so carefully,
afraid you'll break in my hand dreadfully.
You were magical,
each look from you felt nearly tragical.
Every part of you was so beautiful,
it made me go numb,
Now I watch you fade as usual,
in the air,very plumb.
You made me go mad,
after you left expectedly,
Cause I hear your voice all the time,
and your image became virtually.
I knew you were an impossible one,
as you seemed to be not of this world,
But I wish you didn't say goodbye,
and just kissed me telling me I'm your love.
Written by
Roxy  19/F
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