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May 2019
Some say that I’m as lost as Alice.
So what. Are you really that callous?

A lot also say I’m as mad as the Hatter.
But if you really cared, it wouldn’t matter.

I’ve also been told, that often my thoughts are in a different world.
Because often time I like to sing and twirl.

A few might say I’m a bit off when it comes to my head.
But I just have a big imagination, at least that’s what my mom always said.

And I’m often in a hurry, so they call me White Rabbit.
But most of the time I’m late, its kind of a habit.

I can also be a little crazy, and often considered as the Queen of Hearts.
But I will also add, I make some wicked good tarts.

But to be honest, I can go insane and smile like the Cheshire Cat.
And when I get no sleep, I can be a brat.

I feel lost and confused in reality.
And it always makes me want to flee.

So, because I’ve spent so long in Wonderland.
Can someone please take me to Neverland?
Written by
Indigo  18/F/Lost somewhere in space.
(18/F/Lost somewhere in space.)   
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