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May 1
Satire can be like a samphire sapphire
Covering the sand of the skeleton coast
Luring the gluttonous out to the sea
Out to their death, ripened to the cool desert breeze
The north dreams of such a day
To become a bloodied ruby ready for the fire
A flame that torches any such sanctuary of the soul
A blaze set forth by none other than our long deceased fathers
Shall burn on forever, branding, imprinting our inner desire
All akin to the sapphires of death
That guy once said;
"The gravel that makes all grovel..."
Now, will you grovel to our kings?
Written on Mar 31, 2018

For those that find it hard to wrap their head around I wrote this after reading The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli. If you like learning about political and economical warfare strategies and haven't already read it then you should.
Written by
A Slow Heyoka  M/UK
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