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Apr 2019
by time machine
and hyperdrive
Tom flies between
leave and arrive
from home to work
when to or from
he’s Captain Kirk
and Major Tom
who’ll astro-glide
by spaceship bus
where right outside
a cosmic fuss
of solar rays
and phantom zones
and milky ways
of traffic cones
where space jet black
will mirror glass
and transmit back
critical mass
of meteorites
and raindrop stars
and streaking lights
from passing cars
a white hot glare
of comet tracks
one hour there
one hour back
same time each day
same ticket bought
same route, same way
same train of thought
and folk he’d meet
right since his birth
said ‘keep those feet
on Planet Earth
don’t fantasise
or think surreal
just close your eyes
and please don’t feel’
that’s why, Tom’s said
he has employed
the backs of heads
as asteroids
and yawning lips
reveal black holes
while Martian ships
do barrel rolls
he’s boldly gone
where none before
have soldiered on
and warped his core
then in the dark
of his home town
Tom disembarks
by beaming down
to Planet Weird
where weird is good
where weird’s not feared
weird’s understood
and weird enough
weird keeps him sane
to find weird stuff
in things mundane.
How Tom occupies his mind on his boring daily commute.
The X Rhymes
Written by
The X Rhymes  49/M
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