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Apr 2019
Love is contentment. With all the flaws and drawbacks, we still make commitment.
Love is acceptance. Even having a lot of doubt, we still look for that one assurance.
Love is selfless. Fulfilling his happiness even if it means making her a mess.
Love is effortless. Even with his smallest gesture, her world seemed harmless.
Love is nondestructive. Making the best out of each other in the worst time of your lives.
Love is a choice. We don’t choose who we fall in love but it’s our choice to stay in love.
Love is something all of us anticipates. However, we often hurry ourselves to fall in love and end up with the ones not for us.
Remember: Love is a waiting game. Regardless of how long or short we wait; there’ll be someone who’ll make our desire flame.

Written by
CharmedlyJynxed  27/F
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