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Apr 29
What we want is blood
We dream of roads unrewarding
Hold each others hands sordidly
We whisper wishes and dreams wordlessly
And endlessly we brood

Salt falls into our eyes
We turn our faces up
To question the authority of the sky
Our papayas rot away on trees
Strangled they hang in sour decay

Hands melt into each other and love stays
We wonder where the salt comes from
The origin of our isolation
Some of us look for someone to blame
Some look for some beast to tame

I just stand here soaked in the rain that falls
And endlessly the sky snaps me in two
I think I used to love you
I think we had words to dream of whispering
But, now endlessly I bleed

Because we want more than sugar
More than salt, we want heavy metals
For iron, some slam butter knives
Straight up into their esophagus
But endlessly I give my blood

And when I am dry
We fill me up with dehydration, with
Melted plastic hands and rained-in eyes
And raw papayas
Now endlessly I search for butter knives
Written by
Xallan  111/Other/Hellas Planitia
(111/Other/Hellas Planitia)   
   b e mccomb
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