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Apr 27
When I was younger
I had a hunger
To tear asunder
A life I wondered
Might be a meaningless schism
So I turned to hedonism
My coping mechanism
To set a mega rhythm
Guiding my decisions

My blood entered the syringe
And then it went back in
Along with all the ******
As I tried to put a spin
On a world that seemed grim
In a room filled with sin
I looked for a magical djinn
To cure all my issues
From heavy drug misuse
And rid me of shame imbued
By living in denial and not in truth

I was too educated
To be that medicated
But I saw a life predicated
On living to be hated
So I hesitated
Looking to get elevated
Or at least sedated

But I became miserable
In the drugs’ scissor hold
My health at critical
I was a lost individual
Seeking a different goal

Wandering in this ***** colony
Jesus Christ’s blood falls on me
As ***** as it was on Roman soldiers
Its cleansing quality cleans my shoulders
I feel a weight removed
From the hate that grew
From the life I knew

Jesus cleans my black marks
Jesus cleans my track marks
He shows me the track start
For how to act smart
Then nothing else matters
All the inane chatter
Exits out my bladder
Leaving my past in tatters

Relieved of the grime
I try to leave it behind
But God uses my mind
To provide perspective
To the dejected
I become a detective
For the defective
Using my past directive

But it’s to my chagrin
That I once lived in sin
And I just want to be rid
Of all that I did
Which throws me in a net
Filled with regret
Which Jesus had met
With a covenant set
Yet still I fret
Wanting to be the teacher’s pet

I feel Jesus’ blood get on me
Or maybe that’s a dead body
Warning my sins have caught me
From when I once acted naughty
Because even now that I’m godly
Those corpses haunt me
Does God actually want me
To be flaunting
These memories taunting?

I was a vampire
Whose sand spire
Spanned a mire
Over drug buyers
And **** liars
Whose guns fired
Into dumb deniers
So it makes sense I use discretion
Yet part of Jesus’ connection
Is through the redemption
In his glorious attention

Jesus was killed
So I could be chill
But I must pay a bill
Of spreading his will
By spreading his blood
By spreading his love
Without push or shove

Jesus has way more blood to be spared
Now that he exists in the air
So it doesn’t seem fair
That I wouldn’t share
His redeeming care

I was saved
I was rescued
A road I pave
For the next group
And the distressed youth
To see the best proof
That the lost uncouth
Can be redeemed
They just need to recoup
And live their dream
Following Jesus’ lead
Written by
Andrew  27/M/Kentucky
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