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Apr 26
Oh how I remember long
before Helen's illness took hold we wake In a morning lay laughing and joking
and right there on spare of the moment no plan, It would be let's go out for the day
what about the bills I'd say, Helen's reply stick a note Johnny pay next week
up to the train
off to the seaside, we'd go without a care In the world
because we were so much In love
that was all that mattered bills could wait I miss those days so much  It's wasn't long after
before Helen's disabilities started that robbed her of so much In life worse for Helen was her loss of Independence
away from her bit by bit till she ended up totally reliant 0n la wheelchair
had to sleep with an oxygen mask and  had to carry an oxygen cylinder and mask
ever she went and Helen survived to be In Hospital four consecutive years each time she was close death
I was told to prepare for that possibility of her not being with me but each time Helen won against all odds
but last time Helen went In I knew she wasn't going to make for she had lost the will to live for she had lost all her
to be not able to do
just simple things In life was too much of a struggle for her and despite the fact she loved
and her family and friends she reluctantly had to let go because of her poor quality of life and  such dreadful
suffered to point no amount of pain killers
would touch her
and suffering similar to what Helen
suffered I know much more if Helens struggles Helen was a true
but like all good fighters, they know when they are beaten as was In Helen's case bless her soul she stayed brave to the
Helen was a true fighter and fought her battles right to the
for like all good fighters that know when they are beaten
and except the loss
Johnny walker
Written by
Johnny walker  66/M/Grantham
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